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Digital ID transforms your ownership experience. It preserves the resale value of your car, allows you to keep track of expenses, displays its real-time position and alerts you of unauthorized movements. It also allows you to monitor and offset carbon emissions (coming soon).

Guaranteeing the immutability of all car information thanks to blockchain and automating processes through smart contracts. In addition, we use Carfax to obtain complete data on the car's history, and IoT devices to obtain real-time information on position, unauthorized movements and CO2 management.


How it works?

1 - Create the Digital ID of your car with all information available.

2 - While using your car, register all maintenance, certificates, and mileage made.

3 - Sell and transfer the digital identity of your car along with the sale of the vehicle.


What is car tokenization?

Car tokenization is the process of digitizing cars on the blockchain. We use NFTs because they cannot be counterfeited, and their ownership can be proven.

What is a Non-Fungible Token?

An NFT is a cryptographical secure token, which represent a unique digital asset on a blockchainthat. It is unique, authentic, indivisible, indestructible, transferable and verifiable. Therefore, you can sell and transfer the Digital ID when selling the car.

Non-fugible token

Why should I tokenize my car?

Because the token contains all the information in one place; documents, certificates, images, maintenance records, etc., and constitutes undeniable proof that can be used when selling the car.

Why should I tokenize my car?
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