Timestamp documents and certificates in less than one minute.

In a few seconds, you can check the proof of existence and originality of any document or certificate digitized in Carchain.

Get irrefutable proof of the existence and authorship of the documents and certificates you issue by digitizing them on the blockchain.


Notarize, Verify, Share.

As you may know, tampering with documents and certificates is quite simple nowadays. To solve this problem, Carchain developed Docuverify.

Thanks to this technology, the documents' immutability, proof of existence, and authorship are guaranteed. Once the document is notarized on the blockchain, you or your users can upload the same document more than once for verification.

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Although DocuVerify can be integrated by any company, our focus is on the automotive industry. OEMs, Certifying Institutions, Insurance companies, Garages, and many other stakeholders can use our solutions.

Certifying institutions

Insurance Companies


API Endpoints

Integrate DocuVerify and get advantage of the blockchain technology. We provide you with a series of API Endpoints that can be easily integrated with your current solutions. Let's talk to see which solution best suits you.

Data entry

Certifying Institutions, Insurance Companies, or Garages notarize documents, pictures and certificates on the blockchain.


Users holding a copy of the document can verify the document's proof of existence and authorship in seconds.