Zerotrace is an innovative solution integrated into the Carchain Ecosystem, designed to manage and neutralize vehicle emissions effortlessly. By leveraging advanced blockchain technology and vehicle connectivity, Zerotrace provides accurate, real-time tracking and automated offsetting of CO2 emissions.

Why Choose Zerotrace?

  1. Automated Efficiency

    Automates emission monitoring and management, minimizing user effort and maximizing accuracy.

  2. Immutable Records

    Utilizes blockchain technology to create tamper-proof, transparent records that ensure data integrity and trust.

  3. Integrations

How It Works

1. Import Your Vehicles

Easily import your vehicles by logging in with your Wialon or Geotab credentials and selecting the vehicles you want to include.

2. Data Collection and Secure Recording

Our system accurately collects real-time emissions data based on vehicle consumption. This data is securely logged onto the blockchain, ensuring it remains unalterable and transparent.

3. Carbon Offsetting

Emissions are automatically compensated for through the purchase of certified Carbon Credits, contributing to a sustainable future.

API Endpoints

Integrate Zero Trace and get advantage of the blockchain technology. We provide you with a series of API Endpoints that can be easily integrated with your current solutions. Let's talk to see which solution best suits you.