Digital ID

Create, register, transfer.

Digital ID revolutionizes asset management by providing a secure and verifiable digital representation of real assets through Dynamic Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain.

This powerful identity encompasses comprehensive asset information, usage records, maintenance history, and care details. Users, third parties, and telematics contribute to building a complete and reliable profile.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge smart contracts and embedded telematics enable accurate tracking and offsetting of CO2 emissions, promoting sustainability.

Rest assured; all information is private and accessible only to the owner. And when the asset is sold, the Digital ID can be seamlessly transferred.

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Our innovative Digital ID solution is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of the automotive industry, including OEMs, companies with large vehicle fleets, and automotive marketplaces. By integrating Digital ID into their operations, your organization can unlock various benefits, including enhanced vehicle management, improved security, and increased customer trust.




API Endpoints

Revolutionize your business with our comprehensive suite of API Endpoints tailored to the automotive industry. Seamlessly integrate our powerful solutions into your existing systems, unlocking new possibilities for your company. Let's talk to see which solution best suits you.

Use case - Carmaker


Create Digital Twin and associate initial documents and certificates.

Dealerships and official garages

Registration of maintenance data, certificates and documents linked to the Digital Twin.

Mobile App & Loyalty Program

Users can access private vehicle data (service history, certificates, mileage, CO2 emissions), transfer the Digital Twin, earn loyalty tokens, and redeem rewards.