Digital ID

Create, register, transfer.

The Digital ID is a digital representation of the real asset, in other words, its digital twin. It's represented by a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the blockchain.

The identity includes all the information that identify the asset plus all the records and proofs related to its usage, mileage, maintenance, and care. The information is provided by the user, third parties or via telematics.

OEMs or equivalent can also digitize the spare parts inventory on the blockchain. These spare parts can be linked to each Digital ID once placed on the vehicle, certifying its originality.

All the information is private and only its owner can access it. The identity is transferrable; thereby, you can transfer it when you sell the asset.

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The Digital ID can be integrated in several industries such as automotive, aviation, and heavy-duty machinery. Therefore, OEMs, companies dealing with large fleet of vehicles or even marketplaces can use our solutions.




API Endpoints

We provide you with a series of API Endpoints that can be easily integrated with your current solutions. Let's talk to see which solution best suits you.

Use case - Carmaker


NFT is created.

Dealerships and official garages

NFT is assigned to the customer. Subsequently, the data related to the maintenance carried out on the car is recorded.


NFT information can be managed and updated through the Mobile Mobile app. Once the car is sold, the NFT is transferred to the new owner.